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Inspired by WW2 Escape maps

WW2 fighter pilots carried silk maps in case they were shot down behind enemy lines - because they were light, waterproof, and had a 100 other uses, such as a bandage, bandana, or sling.

Choose Topo, Street, or Satellite

We have maps in topographical, satellite, or street format. You can create any map, of anywhere, at any scale. Then we print it on silk, cut, hem, and ship it to you anywhere in the world.

Most useful map you'll ever own

Use your map for hiking, hunting, biking, or as a souvenir, scarf, hat, head band, table cloth, tourniquet, bandana, hobo pack, pot holder, belt, face mask, water filter, sling, bandage... (you get the picture).


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality, reliability, and utility of our maps, that we offer a blanket guarantee. These are simply the best maps in the world. If you are not completely satisfied with your map, we will return your money immediately, no questions asked.

Dozens of Uses...

Map - Scarf - Headband - Pillow - Tourniquet - Table Cloth - Arm Sling - Souvenir - Water Filter - Towel - Hobo Bag - Bandana - Belt - Balaclava - Signal Flag - Bandage - Face Mask - Pot Holder - Sunshade - Wash Cloth - Cordage - Sarong - Dog collar - Trail Marker - Hair Tie - Eye Patch - Ear Muffs


Where did you get the idea for silk maps? Our friend Edward gave us a silk map used by American fighter pilots during the World War Two. The quality of the printing was far better than we would have expected, and the parachute silk it was printed on was still strong. The versatility of the maps was immediately obvious. We looked for a shop to buy some updated silk maps for our own, and when we couldn’t find one, we decided to start printing them ourselves. 

What’s the advantage of silk? Silk maps are superior to paper or electronic maps in every possible way. Waterproof. Tougher than paper. Can be folded again and again without creasing or tearing. Easy to stuff in small pockets, mitts, or even a sunglasses case. Can be used dozens of other ways: as a handkerchief, bandana, scarf, bandage, sling, tourniquet, hobo-pack, table cloth, signal flag, etc.

What type of silk do you use? We tested over 50 different types of fabric, and settled on a blend of raw silk and cotton with very tight weave, making it tough, light, and highly legible.

When will I get it? It takes us two days to print and cut, two days to hem. Then you can choose between next day, or five day delivery (for North America). 

Can you make me a custom map? Yes! We’ve done special hiking maps, maps of video game worlds, and others. If you want a map in a special shape, or of a special place, please contact Matt (

What if I don’t like the map? We have a 100% money back guarantee. We will refund your purchase, no questions asked.

Does it need to be hemmed? We offer hemming, but it is not necessary. Like the original WW2 silk maps used by fighter pilots, we do not hem ours. It will fray a little and a few stray threads will pop up,  but you can just cut those off (or use a lighter!). If you bought it unhemmed and changed your mind, your local seamstress will should be able to serge it for $10. 

What if it tears? 100% guarantee means 100% guarantee. If it rips, send it back. We'll happily replace.

Can they get wet? Yes (the silk maps that is, not the paper ones). In fact, that is one of the main reasons printing on fabric is so versatile.

Can I wash the maps? Yes. Hand wash or on gentle cycle. Use warm not hot water and air dry by laying it flat

Are they accurate? Yes, as accurate as you can find. We use the Open Street Maps which are extremely reliable.

Do you have a map of….? Our street map and topo map layers cover every square inch of the planet. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

I have more questions...  If you have any more questions about these maps please email or call us at +1 (802) 375-7808.